HOA Management


CHPM offers tailored and specialized services to meet the individual needs of each of our partnering communities. Our proven history of expertise in homeowners, condominium, high-rise, and master-planned communities, combined with our team of highly trained professionals, allows us greater flexibility in developing specialized services.

Our mission is to be a partner with our associations in order to remove barriers and allow greater transparency. We mold our processes to what best fits the board and theĀ  neighborhood.

Below are a few items that we offer:

  • Management by licensed real estate agents
  • Budgeting, accounting, financial services, and capital improvement planning
  • Training and direction for the Board of Directors
  • Online portals for Board of Directors
  • Collections and billing services
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Year end reports for transparency
  • Customizable to work for your community
  • Clear and open communication
  • Attendance at all board meetings and agenda preparation
  • Social Event Planning
  • Lease Monitoring
  • Dedicated phone line and email for easy communication with us
  • And more

Our monthly service fee is a pay per door model so you know what the bill will be every month! No surprise expenses at the end of the month for postage, phone lines, or hourly rates due to budget work taking more than 2 hours! We are here for you and we do not think that charging a community extra is beneficial to anyone!

Contact us today and experience the difference!