I received my renewal offer and noticed my rent is increasing, why?

We work hard to price our homes as fairly and affordably as possible. Rental rates take into consideration all aspects of the home, the market, and comparative rates of similar homes within a radius surrounding the home using the most current available data. Rest assured that even if the rent increases on your home, it is fairly-priced and likely even slightly below full market value.

What is a maintenance emergency?

A maintenance emergency is one that is dangerous, threatens the habitability of the home, or could cause damage to the property. Emergencies include:

  • Fire – call 911 immediately, then contact us at 1-866-782-9942
  • Gas leak – if you smell gas, please exit the home and immediately call the fire department. Once the home is safe, please contact us so we can fix the issue
  • Electrical issues– sparking, fire (call 911), smoke, overheated fixtures
  • Lack of Heat – if it poses a documented health risk
  • Lack of Air Conditioning – if it poses a documented health risk
  • Heavy Structural Damage –  roof, foundation or walls
  • Plumbing – flooding or breakdown of fixtures

To report an emergency maintenance issue, please call 1-866-782-9942. If you place an emergency maintenance request, we’ll contact you as quickly as possible, however, please allow up to 2 hours for us to respond and have a vendor onsite.

What is the Resident Benefit Package (RBP)?

The resident benefit package is a new amenity that we are offering to all of our current tenants. The package is full of exciting features that everyone will use!

Why is it mandatory?

In order to cut costs and to give every resident the best, value for the package, we are requiring that all tenants have the Resident Benefit Package.

You are reporting credit now-what about the last 3 years I have rented form you all?

Well, you are in luck! We can report up to 24 months of previous rental payments to boost your credit! And then, when you are ready to buy a house, we will give you a commission rebate!