Cumming Home Property Management has been in business for over 25 years and as of 2021 we manage over 60 million dollars worth of real estate assets. We can handle all type of assets including Single Family, Multifamily, Commercial, Retail and Industrial. These assets range from Brand New, A, B, C, and Tax Credit Communities. We work with first-time landlords, self-managing landlords, and experienced owners in the North Georgia area who are ready to change property management companies. At Cumming Home Property Management, we are your partners – here to take care of your investment property while you live your life.

Our property management services are based on the idea that you should focus on building long-term wealth real estate investments while we manage the rental relationship. We help our North Georgia clients develop and execute strategic investment goals.

What We Offer

  • Comprehensive Acquisition Due Diligence– Weather it is on property or a whole portfolio, we can provide a thorough third party evaluation to help you make the best decision.
  • Aligned Interest Monthly Fee Structure-It’s simple-If you don’t get paid, then we don’t get paid! We only charge you monthly management fees if your house is rented.
  • Leasing Guarantee-If the tenants we placed into your property leaves within 6 months of tenancy, we’ll lease the property again for free
  • Routine Inspections-In addition to the Move In/Move Out inspections- we will go out to your property 2 additional times throughout the year.
  • Eviction Protection-If a tenant we placed needs to be evicted for not paying rent, Cumming Home Property Management will facilitate the legal action of filing the Dispossessory getting the writ of possession
  • Full Service-In House Accounting-We will prepare your 1099s for you at no additional cost. We will also send you monthly paper statements showing income, expenses, and management fees.
  • Free Utility Management-We will take care of the water and electrical utility connections for you after the tenant moves out or before the new tenant moves in.
  • No Cancellation Fees– You can cancel our contract with a simple 30-day notice. No hidden costs, No extra fees, & No termination penalty. *Multifamily & HOA restrictions apply*
  • 24-Hour Emergency Line-We have an emergency line number that is manned around the clock for all our tenants to contact in case of an emergency
  • Mark-up Free Maintenance-We have a whole team of vendors from every trade that we work with every day that make our work a priority. They stand behind the work and we do not charge a markup percentage.
  • Vendor Management & Negotiation-We can leverage our contacts to find you the best quality product or service for the lowest price. Our job is to ensure asset longevity through proper procurement, not cutting corners for an easy fix!

Tenant Screening Procedure

  • Credit report obtained and used to screen potential tenants
  • Contact previous landlord to determine payment record and property maintenance
  • Obtain information verification
  • National Sex offender registry check
  • Foreign Registry Check (OFAC SDN Search)
  • Lexis Nexis Eviction History Report
  • Criminal History
  • Income Verification